Careone Solutions

Our CareOneTeam is your resource for better patient outcomes.

CareOneTeam is an innovative company of health care professionals- from clinical pharmacists to board certified ER physicians, care coordinators, and patient advocates - working to provide optimal care coordination across all health care systems with twenty-four hour access.

Through a patient-centered model of coordinated care and advocacy, we optimize patient outcomes while minimizing costs for all parties. We specialize in Chronic Care Management, Medication Adherence, Medication Therapy Management, Transitions of Care, Patient Advocacy, and tools and support for Patient Centered Medical Home health care delivery.

Whether you are a physician, hospital, broker or agent; small, medium or large employer; a senior citizen, family caregiver or an individual health care consumer — you are faced with an increasingly complex, uncoordinated, and costly health care system. For a solution to the complexity in health care - for consumers, providers, agents, or employers - turn to CareOneTeam for 24/7/365 care coordination across all parties in the system.

Turn to CareOneTeam for care coordination and support across all parties in the health care system, which is key to saving money and improving lives.

Our Services

Patient-centered care is at the heart of our mission.

When you partner with CareOne, you gain an expert team of health care professionals — from clinical pharmacists to board-certified ER physicians, care coordinators and patient advocates — working together to provide better patient outcomes.

Through the use of telemedicine technology and the patient-centered medical home model (PCMH), we facilitate communication and deliver personalized, coordinated care that empowers both physicians and patients.